Saturday, April 17, 2010

my life sucks right now!

ugh! me and my family are looking at loosing are house and moving into a small cramped apartment just because george doesn't want to give my mom child support money anymore. i recently broke up with my boyfriend who i was dating for a year, because i just couldn't take the stress anymore and he was pressuring me about are realationship and making out. on the other hand i still have my knitting and crocheting to keep me busy and minimize the stress. i'm working on two blankets, one i am knitting and the other i'm crocheting. so, if i'm not bloging a lot right now this is why.


  1. I know the feeling!

    My mum is alone with 3 kids and it's so hard but she's trying her best. I hope things get better for you.

  2. Thanks, covet. I hope u and ur family are doing good! if george sends money then we may not have to move. i hope we don't move! we've only lived in this house for 4 years now, cause we moved here in summer of 2007.